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We ship directly to any individual as long as we do not have a distributor or a dealer on his/her market/country. If we do, we will be pleased to direct him/her to the relevant address.

We ship by regular mail, Fedex, DHL and UPS; further alternatives possible. The items are also available for local pick-up.

Final sales price includes the basic price of the product/service, possible surcharges for the special versions and additional work required (i.e. repair), shipping charges and bank transfer fees. These will be shown by item in pro forma invoices. The product/service prices shown on our website can be only used as guidelines, and may change without prior notice.

At this time, we are able to accept bank money transfers only. We undertake to inform you of your remittance's arrival within 24 hours from the time our bank informs us of its arrival. Thereafter, we have 30 days to deliver.

If a product or service requires a customer to send a unit to us, additional conditions apply: If payment is not cleared within

  • 45 days from the day unit has been received, we will start charging stocking costs, currently 2.50 Euro per day (may change without prior notice);
  • 180 days from the day unit has been received, it will be disposed at cost (in addition to the stocking costs described above).

We do not send general price lists to individuals, only their own specific pro forma invoices.

IMPORTANT: Under NO circumstances should you send us any piece of hardware without our PRIOR explicit consent. All the shipments, sent without our prior consent, will be returned at cost of initial sender (you), with NO exceptions.

RP Lab products are strictly developed for motorsport use, and as such they are not to be used on public roads. No warranty is expressed or implied on any item, and NO claims for consequential damage or loss of any kind (including personal injury or death) will be accepted. Users of RP Lab items assume all risk and must satisfy themselves that items are suitable for the intended purpose before installing and using. Parts and services supplied remain the property of RP Lab until paid for in full. Shipment of hardware to us or payment, whichever comes first, will be taken as understanding and acceptance of the above.


Distributors and Dealers

Please get in touch with us at

Before you do, please check up to see if we are already represented in your market, and if we are, please get in touch with our distributor.

Last update: 28.07.2009