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An everlasting guiding concept is to give more access to the Weber Marelli IAW ECU internals. Map sections, diagnostic and error codes, parameters of engine operation can all be accessed using tools from RP Lab's product portfolio. 

Weber Marelli engine management systems have originally been installed in many high performance vehicles, just to mention some: Ford Sierra / Escort Cosworth, Lancia Delta Integrale, even Ferrari F40!

When more performance is needed, ECU should always be addressed by means of re-mapping or even firmware update. Now, this can be done with the stroke of a pen. There is no need for EPROM emulators, piggyback computers, etc. All our products exchange data to the IAW ECU by means of diagnostic link, and what's more, they are all user-friendly.

We can also extend the possibilities of the existing Weber ECUs. Anti lag system (ALS), direct fire or wasted spark ignition, water spraying and much more! And that is not all: on demand we can develop custom required functions in the ECU software.

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